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The 'KinderWens App' and the 'NaZorg App' complete online healthcare path for Birth Care

New apps support (wishing) parents with child wish and 1st year of life baby

If you have a desire to have children, it is important to prepare well for a possible pregnancy. The KinderWens App helps with this. Especially during the first year, the NaZorg App helps parents with information about their baby’s development. The online care path Birth Care is complete with the launch of these two new apps. This care path has been developed over the past four years within the EU-funded PerinAtal menTal Health (PATH) project, which is now coming to an end.

PATH focuses on women, partners, families, professionals and employers to increase the focus on mental health in healthcare, prevent mental symptoms and guide (wishing) parents to the right information and care.The Child Wish App and the After Care App offer support to (wishing) parents at different stages.

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Source: Maasstad Ziekenhuis

Date: 16 February 2023