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Rotterdam Square

Our story

Rotterdam Square is the organization that connects the Life Sciences & Health ecosystem in the Rotterdam region.

Rotterdam Square brings together experts in healthcare, science and technology from academia and industry, to accelerate Health&Tech innovations and create healthcare solutions for the future. As campus organization, Rotterdam Square is responsible for building the innovative ecosystem on the Erasmus MC Campus, located in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam. The Erasmus MC Campus is a central location for creating partnerships and collaboration with Erasmus MC, Erasmus University and Delft University of Technology.

The campus is the place where medical, social and technological science come together with research, education and business from all over the world, seeking to innovate and work together connecting in Health&Tech in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Rotterdam Square is committed to driving progress and pushing boundaries in the fields of health and technology and does so while working closely together with the Municipality of Rotterdam and Erasmus MC.

Our purpose

Rotterdam Square helps companies and researchers to discover together new Health&Tech products and services that benefit patients and transform healthcare.

Rotterdam Square is the driving force behind this vibrant Rotterdam ecosystem of innovative Life Sciences & Health companies with a focus on Health&Tech. We connect researchers and companies on a regional, national and international level, organize many networking events, and support companies in creating promosing partnerships,  drawing upon our extensive knowledge of the Life Sciences & Health sector.

We connect you with the latest innovations in Health&Tech and assist in finding the right location in the city for office space, lab space or a shared location with one of your partners. Working in collaboration with partners such as InnovationQuarter, Invest in Holland and Health~Holland, we help your company to successfully integrate and connect to the Dutch Life Sciences & Health ecosystem.

Our mission

Where tech meets healthcare

Rotterdam Square boosts the synergy, possibilities and awareness of the Life Sciences & Health sector. We do this by connecting, facilitating and inspiring.

Our vision

Success through synergy

We believe that success can be achieved through synergy, and we actively use the networking effect to bring the Life Sciences & Health community together and strengthen the ecosystem.

Our focus areas


We bring together companies and researchers to discover new Health&Tech products and services that benefit patients and transform healthcare – focusing on AI, diagnostics, AR and VR, and MedTech.

Our team

Managing Director

Ellen Smit

Since June 2022 Ellen Smit is Managing Director of Rotterdam Square. She has a Master degree in Economics from the Free University Amsterdam. She developed her experience in the Life Sciences & Health sector when she was as a Senior Account Manager at Leiden Bio Science Park foundation. “In my current role at Rotterdam Square I use my Leiden experience to set up and build the Life Sciences & Health ecosystem in the Rotterdam region.”
+31 (0)6 57 17 58 64
Project Manager

Carola Immerzeel-Goosens

Carola Immerzeel-Goosens has been working at Erasmus MC for almost 25 years, currently at the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). “Within TTO I am coordinator of the support team, patent formalities officer and advisor on finance, grants and communications. I’m also the Erasmus MC Incubator Manager: a lab and office facility for start-ups.” Carola works part-time as Project Manager at Rotterdam Square. “I’m looking forward to strengthen the existing ecosystem and support the start-up companies with everything they need to grow. Rotterdam is the place to be!”

Senior Account Manager

Sharon Mullen

Sharon Mullen has been working in the Life Sciences & Health ecosystem for the past six years and supporting the positioning of the Netherlands as a location for international LS&H companies. Working with many international companies she has helped them successfully establish their business and connected them with the ecosystem for collaboration. “As part of the team at Rotterdam Square, I am excited to share more opportunities for collaboration at the Erasmus MC Campus and see how I can connect the researchers, healthcare experts and industry, so we can accelerate Health&Tech innovations for the future.”

Marketing & Communications Officer

Aniek van Rijn

After studying Communications in Rotterdam, Aniek van Rijn is currently working as the Marketing and Communications Officer at Rotterdam Square. “I’m excited to put the knowledge I gained over the past few years to practice. Being part of a new organization is really fun and I’m learning a lot about the Life Sciences & Health sector. For anything marketing and communications related, you can contact me.”

Office Manager

Claudia Sprenger de Rover

For the past 20 years, Claudia Sprenger de Rover worked for a Cardiovascular Research Organization, where she organized events and supported the Board. Claudia is now Office Manager at Rotterdam Square. “I want to use my knowledge and experiences to work together with our team on the development of this exciting, innovative ecosystem, and to put Rotterdam Square on the map nationally and internationally by organizing events.”

Program Manager Events

Rolien Beijers

Rolien Beijers has a background in Science Communication and Industrial Design Engineering from the TU Delft, and is now the Program Manager Events at Rotterdam Square. “The healthcare sector is the place to be to contributive to society. I am intrigued to understand more of the LSH network and organize events to link organizations and companies to each other so innovations really reach the patient.”
+31 (0)6 22 35 27 87

Our management

Supervisory Board


Dirk Schraven

Dirk Schraven is a member of the Executive Board of Erasmus MC, where he is mainly responsible for digital transformation and innovation, real estate and campus development, and supply chain. An engineer by training, Dirk has been in hospital management for the last 15 years and is passionate about digital and technology innovation in healthcare. “To address the challenges we face in healthcare, we need to innovate with technology partners. With Rotterdam Square, we hope to establish the necessary partnerships to do just that.”

Angela Hulst

Angela Hulst

Angela is the founder of iTanks, an innovation platform for industry that connects and renews. She also co-founded a private company that, at their own expense, develops and markets innovations. The municipality appointed her to look at entrepreneurship and building an innovation network. She currently works as Innovation Manager at Stedin, as Board Member at Blonde Tafel Rotterdam and is member of the Supervisory Board of Rotterdam Square.


Hicham Shatou

Hicham Shatou is the founder and CEO of LeQuest, a company that focuses on patient safety and improving efficiency in the healthcare industry by closing the gap between medical technology and healthcare professionals. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Rotterdam Square.

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