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Delta Life Science transforms the landscape of biosensing with the launch of inQuiQ™

Delta Life Science, a leader in label-free, multiplexed biosensing, brings inQuiQ™ to market.

Powered by our Nanophotonic Evanescent field Sensing (NES) technology, the inQuiQ™ allows scientists to conduct highly sensitive, multiplexed analyses with sample volumes from 10 µl to 2 ml on a reusable photonic sensor. Taking up only an A3 paper-size space in your laboratory, the compact inQuiQ™ gives you real-time data with improved 16-plex measurements in serum, plasma, and supernatant.

“The maximum sample volume that can be drawn from mice is about 100 microliters. For our research, we need to maximize what we can measure from these small samples. The highly multiplexed detection technology which is able to measure many different biomolecular interactions simultaneously using minimal sample volumes, is therefore essential for us.” – Prof. Dr. F. Grosveld, Erasmus MC / Harbour Antibodies

From drug development to food safety, studying the interaction of any combination of biomolecules, the applications of the inQuiQ™ instrument are designed for customizable assays regardless of the life sciences field you are in.

What’s in store for 2025?

If your need for throughput has increased, Delta Life Science will launch its second instrument, the inQuiQ™ 768 in 2025. The add-on to the base model integrates an autosampler, enabling the analysis of two well plates in one run. Additionally, a GxP version will be available, compliant with 21 CFR pt. 11 regulations.

Discover how inQuiQ™ can enhance your analysis.

About Delta Life Science

Delta Life Science, headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is committed to revolutionizing biosensing technology by making label-free, multiplexed biosensors and instruments accessible to all. The company’s innovative approach to biosensing, using photonic integrated circuits, reduces the complexity and cost of traditional lab methods. By providing a rapid, sensitive, low-cost solution, Delta Life Science aims to empower researchers and industry professionals to make groundbreaking advancements in Life Sciences.

Date: July 4, 2024
Source: Delta Life Science