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Meet the Network: Maurice van Rotterdam

The Life Sciences & Health ecosystem within the Rotterdam region consists of a broad network of people and organizations, such as companies, educational institutions and healthcare providers. As Rotterdam Square, we would like you to get to know the partners in this network. This time, we would like to introduce Maurice van Rotterdam from Sciential.

Maurice van RotterdamCould you first introduce yourself?

My name is Maurice van Rotterdam and I’m one of the founders and partners at Sciential. I have a background in Biomedical Sciences and specialised in science-based business. After my graduation, I started my career as a life science consultant assisting innovative companies to attract funding. During this time, I developed a strong passion for marketing and communication as I enjoy transforming technical (scientific) information to make it easy to understand, through visuals and text.

What does your company do?

At Sciential we help companies bring their marketing efforts to the next level by delivering expertise in life sciences, digital marketing, and creative concepts. As a niche agency, we offer specialized services for life science and health companies, ranging from marketing strategy to web development and from content creation to advertising.

Our interdisciplinary team of 15+ experts with a life sciences and/or marketing background is suited to achieve the marketing goals of our clients. This means that our team combines a deep understanding of the market, target audience, products/services, and (digital) marketing expertise. By understanding the product and the market, we understand our clients and their customers, we can leverage that knowledge to achieve the best marketing strategy and achieve their goals.

What do you look for within the Life Sciences & Health network?

Our headquarters is based in CIC in the centre of Rotterdam (Groot Handelsgebouw), where we connect with all local partners. Within the network, we are looking for companies that want to stand out in their niche market and set goals to bring their marketing efforts to the next level. Whether this is a startup company setting up their marketing strategy or an established company that is planning to accelerate their commercialization. We deliver meaningful marketing campaigns on the cutting edge of life sciences, creativity, and digital data.

Date: October 8, 2023

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