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Three Rotterdam start-ups part of Techleap’s Pole Position program

After five successful Pole Position batches, Techleap is thrilled to announce the latest cohort of groundbreaking ventures selected for the Pole Position program! These ambitious ventures are poised to revolutionise life sciences and health, enhancing lives globally.

Pole Position is a program designed by Techleap that challenges start-ups on their vision and ambition, market access, business model, leadership and team, and funding roadmap. Pole Position is a program for founders only to level with peers and get challenged by experts and experienced founders that are already ahead of the race.

The nine innovative start-ups selected for the Life Sciences & Health batch of the program, include three that are currently located in the Erasmus MC Incubator in Rotterdam: IMcoMET, Sensius and Spatium Medical.


IMcoMET leads dermatological innovation with their M-Duo Technology®, which enables personalised treatments for skin conditions such as melanoma, eczema, and psoriasis. By utilising biomarker insights, they empower dermatologists to tailor therapies, aiming to elevate care standards, decrease healthcare expenses, and enhance global quality of life through precision medicine.


Sensius specialises in Thermotherapy, a cancer treatment method that elevates tumour temperatures to fever levels, enhancing clinical outcomes and quality of life. Their approach, used alongside radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, is non-toxic and improves both treatment efficacy and patient well-being. Their patented technology ensures precise heat control, integrates seamlessly with existing treatment workflows, and offers economic benefits for clinics.

Spatium Medical

Spatium Medical is an innovative spin-off from Erasmus MC, specialising in developing next-generation insufflation technology. Their focus is on improving laparoscopic procedures, where the abdomen is insufflated to create space for surgeons. Spatium Medical aims to minimise patient burden by offering low-pressure insufflation while ensuring a stable workspace for surgical tasks without compromising outcomes. Their next-generation insufflator utilises turbine technology and oscillation technology, enabling personalised pressure selection for optimal surgical performance.

The other companies selected for the Pole Position program are ATRO Medical BV, Choice – Every Child Desired, Digi.Bio,  Loop Robots, Sensible Healthcare Systems and STIL. Congratulations to all for being part of the program and good luck!

Source: Techleap
April 22, 2024