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Telemonitoring pregnancy at home as safe as hospitalization

Telemonitoring at home of complicated pregnancies is as safe for the outcome of the pregnancy as hospitalization. It saves inpatient days and thus costs. The mothers are also more satisfied with the care than mothers who had to be hospitalized during their pregnancy. Researchers from UMC Utrecht and Erasmus MC published their findings in the leading scientific journal Lancet Digital Health.

Women with complicated pregnancies often require hospitalization. For example, the women have hypertension, ruptured membranes or the unborn child has growth retardation. Sometimes the women lie in the hospital for weeks at a time; daily heart films are taken, symptoms checked and blood pressure measured. There they face serious hospital problems. This can make them anxious and gloomy. In addition, they miss their partner and family.

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Source: Amazing Erasmus MC

Date: February 24, 2023