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Sandra Roso Sanchez new director of deRotterdamseZorg

deRotterdamseZorg (theRotterdamCare), a partnership of 36 care and educational organizations in the Rotterdam Rijnmond region, has a new director: Sandra Roso Sanchez.

Sandra Roso Sanchez has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and has been active as director of Marketing, Commerce & Innovation at Vebego in recent years. She closely follows the healthcare transition and is the founder of the innovative start-up Capacityd® within Vebego that focuses on reducing the workload in healthcare. Sandra will start at deRotterdamseZorg on July 1, 2023.

“Everyone has the right to good healthcare. That is why keeping healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone is my most important personal motivation. We all know that a lot will change in healthcare in the coming years. The tightness on the labor market is increasing while the demand for care is rising. This calls for a different view of care provision, training and the deployment of healthcare professionals so that space is created for the necessary transition. Just like the care and education organizations within deRotterdamseZorg, I believe that we can only tackle this together,” says Sandra Roso Sanchez.

The board and team of bureau deRotterdamseZorg are confident that deRotterdamseZorg can give the right direction to the social task with Sandra Roso Sanchez.

We look forward to a pleasant collaboration with Sandra and deRotterdamseZorg to work together on keeping healthcare accessible for everyone, now and in the future.

Source: deRotterdamseZorg
June 2, 2023