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Recap: CEO Peer-to-Peer Lunch about Cybersecurity

On Tuesday, Rotterdam Square and Security Delta hosted a peer-to-peer lunch for CEO’s from the Rotterdam Life Sciences & Health sector at De Machinist in Rotterdam, where they were presented with an interactive cyber crisis workshop to raise awareness about cybersecurity in the LSH sector.

Research states that the threat landscape for organizations in the LSH sector is similar to the critical sectors in the Netherlands, but with an additional focus on corporate espionage and international exposure. The risk awareness of organizations in the LSH sector needs to be raised, and the impact of cyber incidents is underestimated. Rotterdam Square is set on helping improve this awareness within the network by organizing this lunch and collaborating with Security Delta. The session taught the CEO’s how to apply cybersecurity to their companies through an interactive workshop under the guidance of Werner Overdijk from Crisisplan.

The workshop consisted of a 2-hour crisis simulation, in which the CEO’s got their own roles and learned how to handle a cyber crisis. The three main steps and takeaways are:

  1. Make sure your cybersecurity is in order, and learn what the most important data is to secure well.
  2. Think about plan B: what if it does go wrong? How do you prepare for a cyberattack? Create a strong protocol.
  3. Plans are different than real-life situations when external factors play a big role. Always test your plans and protocols!

Patrick van Luijk from BioCheck: “Good case, well structured, the different roles provide food for thought. Taking a closer look at the compliance, certification and current plans and now also tackle the setting and exercise aspects instead of omitting them. Now it really becomes clear how important it is to actually do this.”

Learn more about the importance of cyber resilience in the LSH sector in this report, published by Leiden University of Applied Sciences, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and REQON, initiated by Security Delta and Stichting Leiden Bio Science Park.

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Date: June 13, 2024