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New round Techleap’s Pole Position program is open!

Are you a founder in Life Sciences & Health and ready to bring your startup to the next level? Sign up for a new round of Pole Position, a flagship deeptech program by Techleap, that connects you with ambitious entrepreneurs and a community to work together on challenges while developing a strong road map to grow your company.

Pole Position in short

Starting a Deeptech company is very challenging. Developing complex technology, operating in a complicated ecosystem while accessing the market, raising money ahead of traction and keeping up the spirit for yourself and your growing team requires a high level of ambition, vision, focus and endurance.

Because we need these breakthrough technologies to find their way to success through the valley of death, Techleap designed Pole Position: a program that challenges you and your team on your vision and ambition, market access, business model, leadership and team, and funding roadmap. Pole Position is a programfor founders only to level with peers and get challenged by experts and experienced founders that are already ahead of the race.

This round of the Pole Position program will start mid-April. Don’t miss out, apply now! Visit the offical website for more information and to apply. Deadline for registration is Monday, February 26, 2024.

Source: Techleap
 February 5, 2024