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MedTech startup Deep Breath officially establishes in Rotterdam

Deep Breath, a cutting-edge MedTech startup with a mission to transform the landscape of intensive care unit (ICU) treatment, has officially established in Rotterdam as a Dutch company. This was announced earlier this week. The company specializes in software as a medical device that detects unsafe modes during mechanical ventilation, offering critical insights to optimize treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Founded by a team of visionary individuals, including Anton Balakirev, who transitioned from a background in nuclear physics to the promising realm of AI technology, and Daria Kozlova, a MedTech marketing expert with a portfolio of successful marketing projects for pharmaceuticals, Deep Breath merges medical expertise with AI technology to address a pressing issue of improving patients outcomes in the ICU.

Recognizing the challenges faced by ICU physicians in managing patient ventilation the startup’s software aims to shorten ICU stays, enhance treatment efficiency, and ultimately, save lives. “Deep Breath’s mission is to revolutionize ICU treatment by providing physicians with actionable AI-based insights to fine-tune ventilator settings, resulting in improved patient outcomes.” – says Anton Balakirev.

After working closely together with Rotterdam Square and InnovationQuarter, Deep Breath announced earlier this week they are officially registered as a Dutch company and established in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) here in Rotterdam, a move facilitated by the center’s expertise and support. Deep Breath’s initial focus is on the Dutch market, with expansion plans for the United States within the next 3 to 4 years.

Deep Breath continues to gain traction by establishing collaborations with regional hospitals and leading Medical Centers to improved patient health through personalized treatment.

For more information about Deep Breath and its groundbreaking software, please visit or connect with the co-founders Anton Balakirev and Daria Kozlova directly via LinkedIn.

Source: Deep Breath
October 5, 2023