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‘Connection’ was the common thread at the Medical Delta Conference 2023

‘Connections’ was the central theme of the Medical Delta Conference 2023, emphasizing links between scientific disciplines, the integration of science and practice, and the bridge between innovation and implementation. All this was accomplished with valuable input from healthcare professionals and end-users.

Guided by a new mission and vision, the collaborative effort, Medical Delta, is dedicated to transdisciplinary collaboration. This philosophy set the tone for the afternoon program and the interactive innovation market, featuring over 30 exhibitors demonstrating how their innovations align with practical needs.

‘Wicked problems’

Over 500 attendees delved into the ‘wicked problems’ confronted by healthcare professionals daily. The newly appointed Medical Delta lecturers, Dr. Sanne de Vries (The Hague University of Applied Sciences, LUMC) and Dr. AnneLoes van Staa (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, ESHPM / Erasmus University Rotterdam), along with Professor of General Practice Prof. Dr. Mattijs Numans (LUMC), shared their reflections on these issues. They discussed how, from various perspectives, collaborative efforts with professionals and citizens could seek new approaches. The attendees were strongly encouraged to connect and work together.

This vision also received administrative support. Executives Annetje Ottow, Ed Brinksma, Elisabeth Minnemann, and Richard Goossens, representing joint universities and universities of applied sciences in South Holland, instructed Medical Delta to establish (new) connections within the South Holland health and technology ecosystem. This includes collaboration with vocational education (mbo), healthcare organizations, societal partners, governments, and end-users.

‘Kunnenschap’ as a Connection between Street Knowledge and Science

Keynote speaker Shurdon Faneyte from the BMX Bike Club emphasized the importance of integrating ‘kunnenschap’ into healthcare solutions, thereby bridging the gap between science and societal impact.

The afternoon concluded with the appointment of nine new Medical Delta professors and, for the first time, two Medical Delta lecturers. This underscored the significance of the interconnectedness between universities and universities of applied sciences within the South Holland collaboration.

The Medical Delta Conference 2023 was made possible with the support of the Province of South Holland and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our Rotterdam Square stand, where we were joined by Rotterdam companies LeQuest and EverywhereIM who showcased their products and shared their experiences innovating in healthcare. It was a great day connecting with the Health&Tech ecosystem of the delta region!

Source: Medical Delta
Date: November 20, 2023