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Human Plus invests in Spatium Medical

Since the 1990’s, the number of laparoscopic surgeries has been ever growing, drastically reducing patient recovery time. However, the use of pressurized CO2 gas to create workspace for the surgeon, is not without consequences. Spatium Medical provides a solution by bringing smart, personalized insufflation to the world of laparoscopy.

Rotterdam-based company Spatium Medical introduces the next standard of care for medical insufflation in laparoscopic surgery worldwide. The unique features of Spatium Medical’s product enable the surgeon to choose the right pressure for each individual patient, lowering the burden and reducing recovery time. It ensures stability of the surgical workspace, improving safety during the procedure. On top of that, it adjusts to mechanical ventilation. In other words, the technology is “breathing with the patient”, reducing patient burden and lowering the risk of complications.

With funding from Human Plus, and with their expertise and network, Spatium Medical can develop its technology and build the business towards Series A investment.

“Together with Human Plus, we have been able to tap into a broad European network of experts and gather essential feedback on the technology, the unmet needs and how our product can address these challenges.” says Willem Mees van der Bijl, CEO of Spatium Medical.

About Spatium Medical

Spatium Medical is an innovative spin-off from Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, developing the next generation of insufflation technology. During laparoscopy, the abdomen is insufflated to create workspace for the surgeon. It is vital to use the lowest possible pressure and keeping it stable to accomplish the surgical task without compromising the surgical outcome. Spatium Medical’s next-generation insufflator uses turbine technology to provide reciprocal insufflation, enabling stabilized pressure, and oscillometry technology that allows selection for personalized pressures.

Developed by clinicians and researchers at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and the TechRes Lab in Milan, Italy, these innovative technologies enable us to improve patient recovery and surgical outcome in laparoscopic surgeries. Spatium Medical aims to provide surgeons with next-generation technologies to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

About Human Plus

Human Plus impact investment fund accelerates high potential discoveries for the benefit of patients. Human+ Fund supports innovative product development in biomedical technology, diagnostics and pharma products. The fund brings outcomes of biomedical research to market faster, increasing impact for patients and generating a return on investment for funders.

Date: April 17, 2024