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Erasmus MC spin-off Kingfisher finishes TTT MedTech voucher

Drs. Jeroen Wilschut and Willem-Mees van der Bijl, founders of Erasmus MC spin-off Kingfisher, have finished their Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) MedTech voucher for developing their strategy and demonstrating feasibility by testing the first prototypes for their new start-up.

Half of the stent placements in coronary arteries is considered complex. Kingfisher, an early stage start-up founded from Erasmus MC research by interventional cardiologist drs. Jeroen Wilschut,  develops a new medical device with a technology that makes placing stents much easier and more precise.

Willem-Mees van der Bijl is CEO at Dune Innovation, a company that helps create medical devices. Together, they will bring this new device to the market. Interested clinicians, investors, and distribution partners, please feel free to reach out to Willem-Mees via Dune Innovation’s website or contact drs. Jeroen Wilschut directly via email.

Date: February 2, 2024