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A new phase: Life Sciences & Health 010 warmly transferred to Rotterdam Square

After a successful period of more than eight years, the Life Sciences & Health 010 network is ready for a new phase in which even more growth can be realised. In the coming period, the activities will be warmly transferred to Rotterdam Square, the campus organisation for the new Erasmus MC Health Tech Campus. You can read more about this transition in this article.

A decision from strength. That is certainly what you could call the transition from Life Sciences & Health 010 (LSH010) to Rotterdam Square. After more than eight years of encouragement and promotion, Rotterdam City Council is confidently handing over the baton to this new organisation that will continue to develop the life sciences & health sector in the Rotterdam region and raise it to an even higher level. It is the end of an era, but at the same time the beginning of a new phase.

Medical and economic value

The municipality of Rotterdam is proud that after more than eight years of efforts, partners from the LSH sector are taking the lead. In 2014, the municipality itself – partly based on the so-called sector approach – took the leading role in initiating, building and strengthening a network in the life sciences & health sector (then called medical care) in the Rotterdam region. Not only because the sector makes an important contribution to the health of Rotterdammers (and other people worldwide), but also because of its economic value for the city. Besides companies and (healthcare) organisations that are directly active in life sciences & health, there is a large network including IT companies, design agencies, educational institutions and other consultants that support and help shape and develop the sector. This makes the LSH sector one of the city’s largest employers and one of the region’s most important economic sectors.

Stimulating innovation

The municipality of Rotterdam saw it as its task a) to promote the sector as a whole, b) to stimulate innovation in healthcare and c) to strengthen the economic climate for business establishment. From that role as initiator and booster, LSH010 came into being, an initiative through which the municipality united businesses, (healthcare) organisations and institutions in recent years. This was done in several ways: by providing an (international) stage for Rotterdam businesses and offering support to start-ups and scale-ups. But above all by bringing parties together, sharing knowledge and working together on major challenges and innovations.

Online and offline connection

That connection arose online, through the website and its social media channels. Via the online platform knowledge and news was shared, it gave companies the opportunity to profile themselves through interviews and the platform provided an overview of all partners in the LSH010 ecosystem. Companies, health care institutions and healthcare professionals were also connected offline, including through events and meetings. In this way, the LSH010 breakfasts grew into a household word. On average, 180 to 200 professionals came together every quarter for the presentation of successful cases, one-on-one meetings initiated in advance and a healthy breakfast. These sessions took place in the Rotterdam Science Tower, which also houses the Life Sciences & Health Hub. This is the place in Rotterdam to start in the LSH sector, due to the presence of a strong community, programmes, entrepreneurship education and presentation, test and lab opportunities.

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Quantitative and qualitative growth

All these efforts ensured that the Rotterdam LSH sector grew in recent years. Quantitatively and qualitatively. Rotterdam is now home to more than 400 LSH companies and (healthcare) organisations. This gives the city a 10% market share in the Netherlands and makes it one of the leading LSH networks in the country. The Rotterdam region has also established its name internationally. Partly thanks to the unique cooperation between Erasmus MC, Erasmus University and TU Delft within the so-called Convergence.

Development Erasmus MC Campus

The development of a new Erasmus MC Campus is the next step towards a distinctive and international LSH ecosystem in the Netherlands, with Rotterdam as its focal point. The slogan of the campus is Where tech meets healthcare. In other words, it will be a lively place where healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship come together and find space in (new) buildings. Healthcare organisations, innovative companies in the field of health and technology, educational and research institutions will work together here in the (near) future to put the latest technological developments into practice.

The role of Rotterdam Square

The interpretation of and cooperation on Erasmus MC Campus will be further developed by Rotterdam Square, a foundation that will build an innovative ecosystem on and from the campus. The foundation will draw national and international attention to the Erasmus MC Campus, organise events and make acquisitions for potential newcomers. Rotterdam Square will build on the strong and valuable ecosystem established by LSH010 over the past eight years.

Partners, join Rotterdam Square!

The municipality of Rotterdam warmly supports the development of the Erasmus MC Campus and Rotterdam Square. In the coming period, there will be a warm transfer of the activities of LSH010, including the network breakfasts. Rotterdam Square will continue to develop these and has the resources and strength to do so. Rotterdam City Council remains involved and is proud that partners from the sector will now take the lead. Rotterdam Partners also remains committed to the LSH sector, including through business acquisition and medical conferences. As such, Rotterdam Partners remains an important cooperation partner, as does InnovationQuarter. Naturally, the Economics Department of the Municipality of Rotterdam, through Adriaan van der Giessen and Jeannette Leete, also continues to be involved in further developments in the network and the sector!

The municipality of Rotterdam thanks everyone who has been (or is) involved in Life Sciences & Health 010 since 2014 for their commitment, inspiration and cooperation. And calls on all partners from the LSH010 network to join Rotterdam Square!

On Wednesday 22 March 2023, the warm transfer of LSH010 to Rotterdam Square will take place, marking the official Kick Off of Rotterdam Square. During an event in Erasmus MC’s Garden of Connectedness (Tuin van Verbondenheid), speakers will include Constantijn van Oranje (Special Envoy, Stefan Sleijfer (Erasmus MC), alderman Robert Simons (Port, Economy, Hospitality and Governance (districts and small communities) and Real Estate) and Ellen Smit (managing director Rotterdam Square). Would you like to attend? You can register via this link.

Source: LSH010
Date: March 21, 2023