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Who we are

A campus where healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship come together.

For decades we’ve been seeing a sharp rise in the ageing population. People are getting older and fatal diseases are turning into chronic illnesses. Even though these are great achievements, they leave a growing population in need of care while the number of health practitioners stays the same. Simultaneously, personalized healthcare is rapidly replacing generic treatment methods. In the

long run, this is an unsustainable state of affairs. We should continuously innovate to maintain our high standards and keep a maturing population healthy. That’s why the Erasmus University Medical Center and the city of Rotterdam have initiated a campus where healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship come together.

Connecting health and technology

Erasmus MC Campus is closely related to the university medical center, connecting the worlds of health and tech to bring forth future-proof healthcare. We facilitate the full innovation spectrum, from ideation and prototyping to business development and implementation. We do so in an urban environment, with a strong connection to city and society.

We accommodate a diversity of organizations focusing on health and tech. The ecosystem contains ultramodern core facilities and optimal setting for clinical trials, enabling the residents to work together and put their innovations into practice while the medical center benefits from the newest technological advancements.

What we envision

Where healthcare meets the future

We envision a place where healthcare and technology visionaries help each other forward by sharing expertise and facilities. A place where innovation is fast-tracked throughout the whole cycle from ideation to implementation. Where faculties, companies and care facilities collaborate to make innovations applicable and to create a sustainably healthier future for all.

Answering tomorrow’s questions

Erasmus MC Campus consists of unique facilities for research and education. The campus houses a variety of innovative companies, and we stimulate its residents to form a close-knit community sharing their talent and expertise.

Based in Rotterdam and rooted in science, Erasmus MC Campus is a place for diligent visionaries to get together. It’s a place where innovators feel the freedom to answer tomorrow’s questions.
A place to think, dare and do.

Our values

Driven by people

The campus revolves around people interacting with each other, whether they’re patients, scientists, healthcare professionals, students or entrepreneurs.

Seeing possibilities &
seizing opportunities

We create opportunities, are active matchmakers and are not afraid to take the lead ourselves.

Being open minded

We have an exploratory mindset; we like to share and we are open to other views. As such, we facilitate serendipity.

Guided by ideals

We are healthy for people, healthy for business, healthy for the world.

Connecting institutions with companies and startups

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