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Erasmus MC doubles training places for surgery assistant and nurse anaesthetist

Every year, 9 per cent of ORs have to be cancelled due to staff shortages. Erasmus MC is doing something about this and is the first hospital in the Netherlands to double the number of study places for the scarce professions of surgery assistant and nurse anaesthetist. This is made possible by a new form of training in which students first learn the tricks of the trade in a simulation environment. ‘A solution to the tight labour market and long OR waiting lists.’

Simulation environment

A simulation environment should ensure that good landing. There are OR set-ups with equipment and dolls. Here, students can practice safely, watch and learn from each other and it reduces pressure from supervising on the shop floor. This is expected to make students better equipped and more confident when they start working in a real OR. Moreover, the simulation features technological healthcare and education innovations, such as gaming, virtual reality and distance learning. ‘This allows us to provide faster, tailored and flexible training,’ Van Grieken said.

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Source: Amazing Erasmus MC

Date: February 16, 2023