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Primio app can take the next step thanks to Healthy.Capital investment

‘We want to actively contribute to the development of one million healthcare professionals’

As far as Primio is concerned, the days when healthcare workers had to attend hours of training and e-learnings are over. The mobile knowledge app facilitates behavioral change and knowledge expansion in a simple, accessible and fun way. Healthcare investor Healthy.Capital believes in Primio. ‘With this we contribute to reducing the staff shortage in healthcare.’

At Healthy.Capital, they have a clear vision. The investment fund focuses on healthcare startups and scale-ups that contribute to the digitization of healthcare, improve the quality of the sector and reduce healthcare costs. Primio meets all those conditions. ‘We were immediately convinced of Primio’s potential,’ says Douwe Jippes, managing partner of Healthy.Capital. ‘This app definitely contributes to reducing staff shortages in healthcare. We believe that Primio is going to become a significant player in the field of microlearning in the next decade.’

Modern learning culture

Primio originated from years of experience surrounding the development of healthcare innovations in which behavioral change was central. Founder Christiaan Uythoven: “We noticed that healthcare employees needed to learn and seek information in a different, less formal way. They often receive hours of training in an uninspiring classroom. Also, many healthcare professionals are now tired of e-learning. With Primio, we are creating a modern learning culture. With our app, which can also be seen as a mobile healthcare assistant, every healthcare professional has relevant information in their pocket. Handy when that employee wants to look up something or learn something. Easily accessible, personal and available everywhere. Ideal for the modern care employee.

Primo appWorkplace Learning

Primio uses microlearning: short, visual and interactive learning activities in an app. These are in a comprehensive library. Clients can also add their own information and learning activities via a simple system. Christiaan: “We stimulate workplace learning and workplace support in one: actively informing yourself, looking things up and learning while working. As a result, new care personnel can be deployed faster, because they are supported with the right tools in their work situation. This is extremely important, given the huge personnel shortage in healthcare. In addition, care personnel work more efficiently. And that within a fraction of the time that traditional trainings and e-learnings take.’

80% more memorization

Christiaan explains: “Sometimes a training session lasts four hours. In that time, several care workers are then not deployable. If you turn that into a blended learning program, it’s much more efficient. Then the physical meeting only has to last one hour. By offering the remaining knowledge scattered and in small, simple portions via the app, people can remember information much better in five minutes a day. Moreover, learning is a lot more fun this way.

Proven successful

The success is proven in practice. Primio is now used by several (home) care organizations and hospitals, including Rotterdam-based Lelie zorggroep. There, it was found that domestic workers feel 40% better supported in their work thanks to Primio. Within the Hoofddorp hospital Spaarne Gasthuis, thanks to the successful pilot at the surgery department, digicoaches from other departments are being deployed for further hospital-wide rollout. Within the Rotterdam region, Primio has several collaborations, including the Lekkerfit program for wellness workers. It also worked with the Thuisleefgroep to develop teaching methods for care aids for home care institution Aafje.

Goal: 1 million healthcare professionals

‘We have grown rapidly; we have more than 20 employees and offices in Rotterdam and Groningen,’ says Christiaan. ‘Our goal is eventually to actively contribute to the development of one million healthcare professionals. To take the next step and continue to grow, we needed an investment fund. Healthy.Capital had been interested for some time. Early this year was the right time to join forces.’

Primo app

Bette, Jules & Christiaan

Shoulder to shoulder

Healthy.Capital does more than just shift money. Much more. Douwe: ‘We are an entrepreneurial fund, working shoulder to shoulder with Primio on their goals. In which we are primarily the co-driver on the journey of Christiaan and his associates. We support in the area of business development, but also in internal processes. Think about breaking through mental barriers, setting a good budget and managing performance. We can also help with follow-up funding. We have learned a lot from the projects with the thirteen companies in our portfolio. I am convinced that together we can take the next step and, by deploying microlearning in the Primio’s way, reduce staff shortages in healthcare.

Snowball effect

Christiaan: “We have that belief, too. We really like the fact that Healthy.Capital consists of people who have had startups in healthcare themselves. They know how it works and own the fund themselves. We have weekly contact; it’s very accessible and informal. Douwe and his partners keep us on our toes. That is only good. Ultimately, we all want this to be a success. In doing so, we especially need time. In healthcare, it sometimes takes a while before innovations are widely adopted. This year we especially want to convince healthcare organizations with our extremely accessible knowledge base about which healthcare professionals are so enthusiastic. If they become convinced, the snowball will start rolling. Our clients are our ambassadors. If they tell us how well Primio works, other healthcare organizations will also switch to this modern way of learning.

Want to know more about Primio? Visit or connect with Christiaan Uythoven on LinkedIn. Learn more about Healthy.Capital at

Source: LSH010
Date: April 17, 2023